Rumination the Repetitively Thinking Problem

One thinking problem is when a person rethinks, dwells, or his or her brain refuses to make a decision.

I came upon an interesting psychology term in called
“Rumination.” And yes, it also related to what cows do in Indiana called “chewing your cud.” Cow will sit for hours with their jaw moving almost in musical cadence. This music in cows is enjoyable, in humans is agony.


Humans can lie in bed, endless have their minds bring up the same distress, rethinking it, talking about it, and never solving the problem until something breaks. Rumination is the constant rethinking that slowly drives a person into rage, fear, or depression.

Humans can regurgitate ideas, stop, then bring up again, and stop, then do it again; there are many reasons why people do this. In a way, resentments and rumination are similar; however, maybe resentments have more permanent status. Or, maybe rumination that is done for week, months, or years turn into mental hard coded resentments.

Many years ago, when I had many employees, I realized my mind would wander around at night as I was watching a movie. Often I would be trying to find a way to motivate the worker; this is when I believe I could change people. Then, there were employees that never cross my mind; there was no need for “rumination.”

One day, and this is almost stupid on my part, but common sense is very uncommo to find. One day I realized that is I had 10 employees who did not require thought, I would do better in business.

I made up a self-enforced policy,

“If I thought about an employee too much during the night, I would return to the work the next day and fire them.”

That policy alone made my business grow tenfold, life became easy.

Anti-Rumination Policy

I do the same with new friends, if they cause me too much grief, I say to myself with good ole British slang,

“I cannot be bothered.”

I erase the person from my up close and personal style, to just a hello, how are you, and cut the conversation, it ends style. I cannot be bothered to be more than a gentleman and polite.

That solved my friend’s problems, I now have many friends, and I call this the remainder principle, if you get rid of all the problem children, what remains is the good children.

Well, if you have people or situations in your life, whereby you ruminate, then maybe the solution is to cut them loose.

Generally, in my opinion, if I stay awake thinking about you, I will start plotting, and planning on ways to ban you from my world.

Life is short, I am not saying; just give up quickly, but 99 percent of the time, instead of losing sleep, it is better to lose the person.

At the essence of this problem is trust, if we do not trust another person, sometimes it not clear why, but our subconscious mind is working 24/7 to protect us.

Like I said, if I think too much about someone, I fire them.

Rumination is dangerous to an alcoholic, in fact, it is fatal, this thinking problem left too long will guaranted he or she drinks.

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