To Never Rescue

To never rescue family, friends or other people is a form of dysfunctional behavior.


There is a yes, there is a no, but life is best lived in the middle in the "maybe" of life. Everyone in life has difficulties, and often a father, mother or friend can say a rather harsh comment like,
"I am not going to rescue him, if he survives this, it will make him a better man."

Which is true, but not always, and in the word always is the problem, each rescue needs to be weighed and thought about, you should not enable a person to avoid shame or problem, however, there are times when a the long-term effects of not saving a person means you should.

The Problem:

When a person makes decision to never rescue a person, and never bends.

The Solution:

To realize, that is just an easy way for a person to avoid the responsibility of thinking and deciding on all situation, to be a friend takes work, you must take each situation as a piece of the pie, and not lump them all together to avoid being an authentic friend.

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