Living Abroad Is A Wonderful No Tomorrow Lifestyle

One Day At a Time it the implied threat, you must live one day at a time, because there is no tomorrow.

Living abroad is a Wonderful No Tomorrow Lifestyle

I have heard the same beaten to death phrase; it is cliché, another platitude used without real understanding.
“One day at a time.”

This is easy to ignore, because it is obvious, we have no choice, but to live one day at a time,
“Why do you need to tell me?”

I want to tell you,
“One day at a time,”
In a different way, but first let me explain,
“One day at a time.”

One day at a time

The saying is to provide hope; there are times in every ones life when the future it bleak, when getting out of bed seems futile.
A divorce, a child’s death, your father or mother dies, you are fired, or you must file bankruptcy, your business has failed…

However, the best way to handle the situation is to make it simple to handle, by managing,
“Just one day.”
“Can you handle one day?”
Then, I know you are weak, you can say
The maybe you can ask yourself,
“Can you handle just 10 Minutes?”

After a person handles, and lives through 10 minutes, an hour, or the day, he or she learns to believe that a new life is possible. With the success of one day, a person can starts to accumulate minutes, hours, and then days, until the desperate days disappear.

All we need to handle in life is,
“One day at a time.”

Today, I want to threaten my friends.
If I live my life one day at a time, then,
“There is no tomorrow.”

I am in Togo, West Africa and the culture has this interesting twist, as best I can figure out, nobody ever leaves. The same people they knew at age one, are the same people at age 50, and so on and so forth. Life is good, people have friends for life.

However, when I tell my new Togo friends,
“I leave on Wednesday.”
I tell them many times, I text message them, I explain where I am going, the new city, and why I am leaving.

I am positive they know I am leaving.
Then I leave.

They call me on the cell phone,
“Why did you leave?”
“When do you return?”
I say,

A few, an absolute few of my friends, associates, and acquaintances understand and digest this news,
“Then we must be as good as friends today as possible.”
“Exchange e-mails, give you my Facebook, and connect on Skype.”

“Where is my cadeau?”

Proving you love someone is placing value on today, and making today a priority, because there is no tomorrow’s. We must do what we can to be friends to day, we must prove our love.

People live there lives as if there are too many tomorrows, and they can get around to it later. One day, they find themselves old, weak, and unable to claim their rewards and victories. All of life as passed them by, they cannot paddle the rapids of the Colorado River, they cannot Sky Dive, and they are too old.

The person forgot to live with one day at a time, but more importantly they did not listen to the implied and real threat,
“There is no tomorrow.”
“You damn well better be friends today, and a good one”

You need to claim what you want out of life, or life will pass you by. Live a life worth living today, not tomorrow, and if you want, come and visit with me in Africa, I am out and about, seeing my world, you are invited.

Andy Lee Graham, Age 57
Kara, Togo West Africa

Life is good, and better when there are no tomorrows. I almost killed myself by drinking myself to death, I am grateful to be clean and sober today, and living today, as if there is no tomorrows.
I give love, and receive love, I live life, and take my life from a world that would say no, I do not bargain for a penny, I bargain for all that life can give, and more.

Today, just live for one day, as if there is no tomorrow, and claim what you deserve out of life, because life is not a mean joke, there are no tomorrows, only regrets.

Take it, or regret it, there is no tomorrow, only today.

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Comments 3

Phil J

I truthfully cannot remember the last time I read something so true and so meaningful. There is no way possible I could have said it better. Even the King James version of the bible says exactly the same thing. In many different scriptures in many different ways, and places.
For a lot of years I lived my life as if my tomorrows were infinite and never ending. I no longer do that. I do plan for the future, as any wise person does. But I live each day as if it were my last. By this time in my life I have faced death several times and cheated it. I appreciated life and its inherent fragility.
I have read and experienced being at sea and having to face the problems inherent therein. You just say to yourself. I may not make it through the night but I can make it through the next 15 minutes. And so on and so forth.
Andy you epitomize the true adventurer in many, many ways. And at this point in your life I am not sure you fully appreciate the contributions your enterprise sometimes makes to individual daily lives, hopes, and dreams. You are out there showing people the I can do anything I put my mind to spirit.
It truly means something.
thanks so much
Phil J


Regardless of anyones philosophy of life there are great days, good days, bad days and of course ugly days. This is for Clint.
Ive had my share of all them. But to live a happy life in general is to learn from the bad, do your best to not repeat and then go on. The good, great days do your best to repeat as often as possible.
We dont live forever.

I always find it amusing when people ask me what will you do over the holiday(s)? My answer is always much the same,
every day is a holiday, Im retired. The same applies to travel. You leave both your problems and the good stuff at home
and enjoy all those holiday days.

Ive said this previously but it still applies to my life style.

This has been my favorite saying for over 50 plus years, attributed to
Chinese General Sun Tzu over 2500 yrs ago:
I burn my bridges behind me,
therefore I always advance.

Live life witout dragging old baggage around and enjoy.

Phil J

Andy, I know I have mentioned several times in conversations with you that I only feel truly on vacation in several places in the world. And I might add, under several circumstances. I guess in a way I was just trying to put into words what you just wrote. To feel and articulate the idea and emotion of what you just wrote.
And so maybe in my own way I was searching for a bit of the life style you live and articulate. Your blog helped me to feel my feelings and appreciate my emotions and my life. Thanks so much for that. It helps.
Phil J

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