Excuse that I am too Sensitive

Using the excuse, I am too sensitive, this is a way to control or keep people from saying what they really want, thereby controlling by an excuse.

Too SensitiveAn excuse is a way to avoid, it is also a way to plead for forgiveness, in the end the person wanting excused is not wanting to be responsible for his or her feelings. There are people who are quick to make excuses, trying to tell others they are not really responsible for their actions. Therefore, an excuse can be a lead into trying to control another person by asking them to stop being who they are.


For example, say a very domineering person comes up and gives you a command, and you can reply,
"Please stop, I am sorry, excuse me, I am too sensitive."

The person gave you a command, but the person giving the excuse about being too sensitive has now requested out of respect, or shame for the other person to stop being a person that commands. The person who gave the command will often slow down or lesson command, and even stop. This opens the door for the person who was formerly the domineering person to become the passive one and allow the person say, "I am too sensitive to take control."

When listening to excuses, ask yourself,
"Does the excuse imply you need to be less?"
"Does the excuse imply I you need to feel for the other person."

Problem: Trying to decide who is controlling who with the excuses.

Solution: Remember that each person is 100 responsible for their feeling, no other person can take over the feeling of another. Maybe it is best to take a small inventory and ask yourself, am I trying to hurt the person, am I trying to cause pain, are my intentions honest? If they are honest, and direct, maybe best to restate you wishes, and remember that all people are responsible for their own feelings.

Excuse Defined: An explanation designed to avoid or alleviate guilt or negative judgment.

Sensitive Defined: Of a person, easily offended, upset or hurt.

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