Dysfunctional defined as related to dysfunctional behavior of people.

Dysfunctional is like bumper cars

"Dysfunctional people are like bumper cars, they keep bumping into each other but they never come together."

Dysfunctional Defined

1. Dysfunctional is the opposite of a functional.

- Functional Defined:
1.In good working order.
2.Useful; serving a purpose, fulfilling a function That sculpture is not merely artistic, but also functional: it can be used as a hatrack.

Two or more people come to together to share a common activity, and they have implied and expressed desires for the groups. When a person makes decisions that lead toward the common goal, the relationship is functional.

1. Communication that fails, for example, the functional person in a situation finds agreement, has eye contact, and the dysfunctional person agrees, but does not do as agree, there is a breakdown, the situation does not function.

2. There is no stable progress towards agreement, while some behavior is for progress, often the general overalll situation does not accomplish a task.  

3. Dysfunctional behavior just simply occurs when maladaptive responses have been learnt or adaptive responses have not been learnt

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